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Search Engine Optimization & Map Listings

When crawling through a website, Google’s bots evaluate several technical aspects to determine what your website is all about. At Midwest Digital Solutions, we provide an expert knowledge of technical SEO to ensure that your website is giving Google exactly what it’s looking for. This way, your ideal online audience finds you instead of competitors when searching for those main keywords.

Website Optimization

We will optimize your existing website to make Google take a second look. Or, if you’re looking for a complete overhaul, we design and develop websites with SEO in mind.

If you’re a development agency looking for an SEO partner, we offer SEO consulting on all types of web projects, large and smal

The little brother to organic SEO, local SEO is all about mobile. A Google study found that 88% of mobile users search for local businesses. Will they find yours?

Content Marketing

Our organic SEO team is well-versed in producing and circulating high-quality content in a variety of formats to attract a specific audience, and convert them into customers by consistently providing informative and engaging content. From articles and white papers to video and infographics, we can do it all. Along with creating new content for your business, our strategy for content marketing encompasses the following tactics to drive results.

Link Building

Content is created with the intent to build links to your business’ website. Our link-building strategy is twofold. We make shareable content for your website that attracts external links, and we create content for reputable industry websites to expand your online audience and to increase your website’s authority with Google.

Map Listings Optimization

Local search queries can trigger local results on Google. What is known as the “7-pack” (set of local search results displayed with a Google Map) today commonly dominates the first page of search results. As Google continues to develop the localization of it’s search algorithm, even the most generic search queries frequently trigger map-driven local business listings. It is imperative that your business be well represented on Google Maps and in local search results.

Our SEO services includes Google Maps listing optimization, your business listing will be optimized for search results on Google and in the Google Maps application. We also optimize listings for other major search engines – such as Yahoo and Bing.

Google uses many factors to determining what business listings appear within the local search results and in search queries submitted to Google Maps: relevance to the keyword or keyword phrase searched, distance as determined by the users IP-based location or phone GPS, and prominence determined by Google’s algorithms for organically ranking websites.

Map listing optimization is an extension of local search engine optimization. One component of a well developed map listing optimization is consistent and well-developed local profile pages and business listings. Ensuring your Google My Business page and Google+ local profiles are complete, consistent, and optimized for the keywords and keyword phrases which best represent your company’s products and services is the foundation for success in search across Google Maps and other major mapping platforms. With your profiles in place, we can create custom maps on each, optimized for the Google Maps search engine. We will help with all aspects of custom map creation and Google Maps listing development. From creation to optimization, we make sure your are able to be found in Google Maps search results for your targeted geographic area.

Midwest Digital Solutions considers citations on all major search engines to be essential to local search success. As such, our map listing optimization service also covers Bing Local and Yahoo Local business directories. We can help you claim, configure, and optimize profiles to ensure they are accurate and in accordance with your listings on Google My Business and Google+ Local profiles.

Google Maps Listing Optimization services includes:

*Google My Business Registration

*Google Local Business Verification

*Google My Business and Google+ Local Profile Setup

*Google My Business and Google+ Local Profile Ongoing Optimization

*Bing Maps Listing Optimization

*Yahoo Local Basic Listing Optimization